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Monday, September 03, 2007
Panhala to Vishalgad

Panhala to Vishalgad

I had this trek in my ToDo list for long time and was actually going to go for the same couple of weeks back (Mid August, 07). But that did not materialize and I thought, it won't be possible for me to do the trek this year. But even with just three of us (Myself, Anup and Shekhar), we decided to do it and that too just 5/6 hours before we left for the trek! This is just-in-time execution!!!

We had initial plan to start the journey from Pune on Saturday, 25th Aug 07, morning. But after learning that the trek should be started early, we left for Kolhapur at Friday Midnight. Reached Kolhapur by 5:30am (saturday) and then caught Ratnagiri bus and got down at VaghbeeL. From this point, the Panhala fort is about 7km. After waiting for 15 mins, we took a jeep and reached the fort. First, we had the famous break-fast of Kolhapur, the MisaL. Then did some shopping, as on Friday we didn't have any time. It was almost 9am.

Day 1 (Saturday, 25th Aug 2007)

Our trek started from the Pusati buruj of Panhala. On the way, we did sight-seeing at Teen Darwaja (Three Doors) and aandarbawa. The structure of teen darwaja is vert good and provide good fortification for the entrance Panhala. The actual route starts near the MSEB office near Pusati buruj. There is a small demolished statue of Nandi, from there one has to take the right pathway and descend. You need to descend for about 15mins and then after walk of about 10 mins, you reach Turakvadi. From here, you can either follow the tar road or take a shortcut to next vadi. By following the tar road, you end up walking about a 1km more. After a walk of about half a km from the vadi, you reach the Mhasai Pathar (Mhasai platue). This a really a vast platue and in Monsoon it is really beautiful with the hill covered completely with little grass every-where, but there are hardly any trees atop. We could imagine that - this place would be dry and barren not later than 2/3 months after the monsoon is over (Dec/Jan).

The route on the pathar is well marked by passage of four wheelers. After walking for about 1.30hrs (5/6kms), you reach the Mhasai devi temple. Around this area there lots of shepherds, who come there to graze their cattles. So, you don't find much problem in getting the direction. Though, after the temple, there is no marked route and you need to take the help of the shepherds to get the direction. From the pathar, you need to get down at kumbhar-vadi. There are two three routes to get down here. So depending upon your taste, you can consult the people there and chose the path. The descend from the pathar to some vadi below is not that tough and it takes hardly 15-20 mins.

Once down, you need to follow the road towards the left side, along the mountains. On the way, you will come across many vadis - like khotvadi, dhangarvadi and you can always find many people in the vadis and can check the route. We had planned to reach upto Karpe-vadi, where we would put our camp. But, since it was a bit tiring, we decided to sleep in Madaivadi, the vadi prior to Karpevadi. It was almost 6:30/7 in the evening and it was wise decision not to go ahead, as the from here onwards - there is not defined route and even though there are few arrows on the way, you could easily lose the track during the night. Even though it being monsoon time, it drizzled only for some time and our clothes did not get wet completely.

We had trekked about 18km from the Pusati buruj. Since we were only three, a good fellow allowed us to sleep in his house. He also provided stove and vessle to cook the khichadi. If the group size is big, then not many people will allow a shelter for you and then you would have to sleep in the temple or the school. Since we were tired, we had a very good nights sleep from 9 to 6.30 and were ready to take on the next leg of the journey.

Day 2 (Sunday, 26th Aug 2007)

After having tea at the host's house, we started at around 8am and started our journey towards Karpevadi. If you are not going to stay in the karpevadi for the night, you need not go through the village. The route to next village from Karpevadi goes through a thick and damp jungle and you need to walk for about 30-40mins through it to get out of the woods. We came across another dhangar vadi on the way. Then the next stop was Malevadi and patevadi. When we reached patevadi, it was almost noon and then decided to take help from one more villager to cook our meal. We had maggie for the lunch and started towards the next stop.

You will intermittently see direction arrows. Its good way to make sure that you are on the track. Though, sometimes - there are no arrows for about couple of kms. So, always consult the villagers about the direction and approximate time to reach the next viilage.

Apart from children in every village and sometimes elders asking for toffies, we have had really good experience with the villagers. After leaving patevadi, the next major stop was Ringevadi. The villagers, at least those whom we met, were not at all co-operative and actually few of them tried to misguide us! But one good lady showed the right direction to us. That side though there were 3/4 routes and it was a bit confusing. There was a group of small children playing in the farm. They accousted us and aske for toffies. when we replied in negation, they asked for money!!! This was too much for us and as if it was not enough, they told us bluntly, unless we gave them money, they would not tell us the correct route.

Taking our chance, we followed on route and within 10 mins we were in thick jungle. Also, on the way, we had not seen a single arrow. In the jungle, we came across a considerably big stream, which one of the ladies in Patevadi had told. So we decided to try our luck. After crossing the stream and walking for about 5 mins, we finally sighted an arrow. Because of cloudy weather, it had already gotten dark and we were a bit nervous and anxious till we saw the arrow. After walking for 5 more mins, we came across a lady going in other direction and that assured us even more. From there we took some 20 more mins before reaching mhasavade village. And this was our last vadi in the mountains and we were about to start walking on the tar road.

We took small break and after a walk of about 1km, we reached the road and started walking again in the left direction. After walking about 4km, we reached the panDharpaNi village. It was about 615 in the evening and we were hungry. From here, the Vishalgad fort was at 20km and next village BhattaLe at 6km. We just had tea and some biscuits there, as the owner of the shop was to provide the dinner at 9, we decided to move on. On the 2nd day, we had already walked for about 22kms and now walking on the tar road without much cushioning provided by grass/sand was very hard. It took us about 1:30hr to reach bhat-taLe. We took shelter at a shop, who also provided us a vessle and the fire-wood. Since very tired, we had no patience to cook khichadi and again prepared maggie noodles for the dinner. Though, we went to bed by 9, we did not have good sleep as the last time. Again on this day, we were lucky - as it did not rain heavily.

Day 3 (Monday, 27th Aug 2007)

We got up at around 7, got fresh, bought something to eat on the way and went to see the pavan-khinda. Actually, one road to the khinda is about 1km before the village, but since it was very dark when we reached the place the previous night, we did not go there. But villagers showed us short-cut to the pavan khinda, which saved us from walking about 1.5km (for Bhattale to khinda and back). Had tea and biscuits again and started the last strech of 14km!

After walking for about 45-48 kms in last two days, our legs were tired a lot. And there was always the option/temptation to catch a bus/jeep to reach the fort. But with the determination to finish the trek without any bus/jeep, we walked .... slowly but steadily. Took couple of shortcuts, which saved us about 2/3kms. This leg of the journey was pretty boring and tiring and the last couple of kms were almost endless, with the complete U turns hiding the exact distance upto the fort.

Finally, we reached the shops at the base of fort at around 1pm, had misal-pav again and had refreshing tea. Did some sight-seeing on the fort and came back to catch the bus at 3pm to Kolhapur. Since on this day, there was continous rain, we had to change our cloths and put up dry ones before we got onto the bus. From here onwards, we had lots of rest in the bus upto Kolhapur. There, we again immediately got the next bus to Pune at 6 and were hopeful of reach swargate by 11pm. But it was mid-night of monday and after 3days of trekking, we were back to the same place. I took one more hour to reach home!

Only after doing the trek, we could understand the pain and the efforts which the Maratha warriors must had gone through - to save the King shivaji. They had completed this journey of about 60km only in 20hours! And now I realize the efforts taken by Bajiprabhu Deshpande, who after doing this long trek, fought with 1000 mughals with just 300 marathas! Hats Off to him and Hats off to Shivaji Raje, for whom he performed this heroic act!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Monsoon trek to Torna

Torna -- sixth time!

Unlike my habbit of not going for a bit risky treks in monsoon, I had gone for hike to Torna on 29-30th aug 2006. The plan materialized quickly and 5 of us from Persistent (Me, Makarand, Aseem, Trinabh and Nikhil) and Anup planned to go for it. The rains in Pune had subsided a bit, so we thought it would be pretty good time to visit the fort and relish the beauty on the hills and also get some work out done.

With a plan to climb in the night (29th), we left office by bikes and gathered at Anup's home on Sinhgad road. From there took his car, some how packed 6 of us and started the journey around 9pm. Then we had dinner in a restaurant on Pune-satara highway and should have left there at around midnight.

It was pretty good climate in Pune, with no rain. So we all were pretty optimistic of climbing the fort in the night. But as we passed Nasrapur phata and then approached Margasni, we got into heavy rain. Also, it was very windy, but still we did not want to change the plan. Even though it was raining a bit when we reached Velhe, we were to walk in the night, but as we started our hike, we soon realized that because of cloudy weather and lack of enough torches, it would be very difficult to climb.

We got back to the village and since it was Ganapati Festival time, we could sleep in the pandal setup for its purpose. Anyway, we had just 3/4hrs, as we planned to leave about 6am. We could hardly sleep in the windy and cold night and every one got up at 5:30 voluntarily. When we reached again the trail, it was dark enough, forcing us to wait for another half an hour till dawn. Finally, started the trek around 6:45, crossed few streams to join the actual trail.

Half of the hike was pretty normal, buth once we reached the rock patches, we realized that it was a good decision - not to climb at night. Because even in the day light, we were finding it a bit tough because of the slippery rocks. At few places, we had to really strech ourselves to climb up. But after that, it was simple but exhausting climb. We could not see the beautiful surroundings as well, because of clouds all around us.

After reaching atop, everyone hungry, as we had not had anything after dinner. So, had food, relaxed a bit in the temple, tried to see few places, but it was not possible because of the cloud cover. So within 2/3hrs after reaching the fort, we started descending, which was Ok till the rock faces and then we had real trouble there. As couple of people were on their first hike, so they did not have good shoes. Actually one person had carried plastic bag for his belongings. We had to put all such in our sacks before we could proceed. It was necessary to keep both hands free for holding whatever we can!

Once we crossed the rock patch portion, it was again smooth hike back to the village. On the way, we decided to cool and relax ourselves in stream, but it was pretty difficult to find a place where we could swim (at least stand) thoroughly. When we started going a bit away from the village to find good place, we realized, we had to go upstrem, which no one of us wanted. So, finalized a place where only 4/5 of us could seat. But then rain forced us to come out, as heavy rain could not only drenched our clothes on the bank but we might have trapped into a fast flood.

After coming back to village, had misal :-), tea and camne back to Pune, where it was pretty sunny, hot and humid (and polluted too!)

Milind (!)

P.S.: Have taken snaps, but need to put them on some site, before I can share.

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Tour on Motorcycle

Sajjangad, Sangli - Motorcycle Tour

It was about a month since my last outing, hike to Harishchandra, and I was feeling restless and the urge to go out was rising. Since other friends were busy, it was just me and Harshad who were free. So, decided to do some different kind of outing, a bike tour, than we just two going for a hike.

As wanderers, we have so much got used to travelling, that it hardly required any discussion about what to carry, who will carry and other mundane things. Just finalized time when we should leave. So, I got my backpack to office, from where Harshad picked me up around 3pm on 12th Jan 2007. Had some food on the way in Pune and then joined the Katraj bypass at Chandani chowk.

We are definitely seeing a lot of good infrastructure being built up in India. The new road is of good standards and it has made the travelling very comfortable. Also, the newly built tunnel and the beautiful bridge that bypasses the Katraj-ghat, has reduced not only the travel time, but it saves lots of fuel, frustration. We passed the katraj hill in just ten minutes, which otherwise would have taken us may be half an hour. Few things could still be improved, but still a good start on building good infrastructure, which is pressing need for fast developing India.

After the tunnel as well, the Banglore highway is in good shape and we were crusing at 70/80 kmph without any trouble, that too on Hero Honda Splendor (96cc motorcycle). We just took a small break in the Khambatki ghat and within three hours from leaving Pune, we reached Satara. Had some tea and headed for the Sajjangad. From Satara to Sajjangad - it is about 15km, the road is narrow and during night truck/ST drivers take every opportunity to make life difficult for you (bikers, especially).

Anyway -- on Sajjangad, you can get a room in Bhakt Nivas at free of cost. They provide good facilities in the rooms like - clean room, a bed, matt, bed-shits, pillow, blanket, electricity and water. You can anyway donate money as per your wish and I would suggest you should, so that others can get benefit of such good arrangement. Also, at night you can avail prasad (bhojan) at 8pm and then at 9pm after Shejarati (shej => to sleep, so literally it means aarati performed before god goes to sleep). Between 8pm and 9pm, you can attend the "daasbodh" reading. In the morning, you can also get hot water, tea between 6:30 to 7:30. Then some time later you get breakfast and then at noon time, sansthan provides prasad bhojan.

We just had prasad at night (9pm), then discussed various topics till midnight and went to bed. In the morning got ready by 8 and then came back to Satara, where performed our weekend ritual of having Misal at Chandravilas hotel :-). Then headed for Sangli by 9:30am. It took again 3hrs to reach Harshad's uncles place. The journey was pretty peaceful in the eatly/later mornings chill and sunny climate. Then that day, relaxed till evening and then visited the Narasobachi wadi and then visited few of my relatives.

Next morning, went to Haripurcha ganapati, had lunch and started return journey by 12:30, were in satara by 3pm and then in chinchwad by 6. All this was possible because of good roads. Here as well, I saw many stupids, who did not find it bad to drive their cars, bikes and trucks, too, in wrong direction.

Actually, from Sangli to Satara I was less tired and exhausted than my daily commute from Chinchwad to Nal-stop, Pune. So you can imagine pathetic road condition and traffic situation in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. BTW, we travelled about 600km in two days.

Even though, I took my camera and charged batteries, I did not take even a single picture! I felt the scene and tour was so good, that instead of capturing the moments, one should do it and relish it.


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Visting Harishchandra - sixth time

Beautiful Harishchandra

Because of my visit to California, this season has definitely been very quiet in terms of trekking activitiy. So, even before returning back, I had planned to do some good trek to make me feel at home. Very few other treks could have made me feel like so and Harishchandra among them definitely is one of the top most. Also, I wanted to take my new car out for a long drive and this seemed good way to go for a trek, as it saves a lot of time in transportation and one can change the course at run time.

So, Anup, Harshad, me and Shekhar teammed up for the trek. Vikrant and his two colleagues were also supposed to join us, but then he got to know that his visiting american manager, who is also a good climber, wanted to do some outing over weekend. So they four decided to go there separately. Satish was also going to take his office group of about 18 people on the same day.

We started on Friday, 8th from Pune. I picked up Anup, Shekhar and Harshad on the way. The newly built Pune-Rajgurunagar toll road provided good and peaceful driving pleasure. But, even with such good infrastructure, I don't think we have the mentality to deserve it. People were blatantly breaking the rule by driving their vehicles on the highway in wrong direction. Height of that was few truck drivers, who would not only drive it on wrong side but that too in the fastest lane.

Anyway, as we had decided to start climbing early saturday morning, we had lot of time to reach Khireshwar. So, enjoyed rabadi at Narayan gaon and then dinner at some hotel near Alephata and finally reached khubi-phata around 9. The road from Alephata is pretty ok, but it gets worse in the last few kilometers before khubi. And then from khubi-phata to khireshwar is pathetic. We had to be very slow - not to damage the car as well as the tyres.

Once in khireshwar, we contacted a hotel owner, parked our car, had tea and slept in his house, which provided good protection against otherwise pretty cold night. Next morning, we got up around 6, had tea and started early, so that we could reach sufficient height to see the sunrise. I actually wanted to go up using the Junnar darawaja route, but decided otherwise since per villagers it was a bit confusing route. Walked at a good pace, took lots of snaps on the way and reached the mandir without any interesting event.

About same time, our other two groups (Vikrant and Satish's) have had their breakfast and were heading for Taramati. Later we realized, we made a good decision by not climbing in night with them, as they reached the temple around 3am and since many trekkers had already occupied the caves, they had to put up their tents and sleep outside. Even with these tents, in the chilly and windy nights, they had a tough time and could not sleep well that night.

Once they departed, we were looking for a cave, as we did not expect lot of people atop, so had decided not to carry my tent. Luckily, one group in the main cave was about to leave and we grabbed the opportunity and setup our camp. Then had lunch (maggie) and started hike to Taramati. Reached there quite quickly, enjoyed quiet time meditating atop then visited few other places and came back to the temple. Had some poha, tea to replenish and started our walk to Kokankada.

Even after visiting the kada and climbing once from its side, it still feels thrilling to be there. The huge kada makes me think of how tiny we as human are against the all powerful and beautiful nature. Took many snaps and watched the sunset and returned back to the camp site. Enjoyed tea, khichadi and lots of chatting and information sharing near the camp fire, came by in the cave and then played cards for about 2am.

Sunday morning, got up a bit late and after morning errands and 5/6 glasses of tea(!), started our descend. Earlier, we had planned to get down quickly and then visit Ozar/Lenyadri ganapati on our way back, but after starting late, we had to cancel all other plans. Till Tolar khinda, we 4 were together, but by that time - Harshad and me were a bit bored walking slowly and decided to get down quickly. We almost started running down and gained so much pace that we were back in the hotel, where we had parked car in just 27 minutes from Tolar khinda. There we had to wait for two others for almost half an hour, so till that time, we replenished ourselves with water and buttermilk. Once four of us were back and fresh, started return journey and came back home by 6 in the evening.

You can find snaps taken by Shekhar on this trek at -

Now planning to do more hiking/tours and more importantly, blog about it !


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Sunday, October 29, 2006
My first hike ... in America

Hike at Castle Rock, Los Gatos

In September 2006, I got another chance to visit California, US for business purpose. On the first weekend, I got the chance to do my first hike of the season as well as first one in the US.

Four of us from Persistent, staying at the same hotel, and three more guys from Persistent in other cities in Bay Area planned for the hike at Castle rock. We reached the place around 11:30 am and started the hike.

Weather was pretty cold insite the jungle but once we started the hike, our bodies warmed up and then the pull-over which I had put, started feeling a bit problematic. Anyway, lead by one of american, we walked through the jungle and reached the Goat Rock, where many people were doing rock climbing. The view from that place was pretty great.

Then from the Goat Rock, we went ahead and reached the campsite, had some protien bars and then started the return journey. Comparetively it was more exposed, but no dangerous. Took many snaps, but because of the haze around and lack of good lense and fitlers with my digicam, many didn't come up that good as per my expectation. You can have a look at few of comparitively good pictures at Also, more information about the hike could be found at .

After we finished the main hike and were close by the parking lot, we finally saw the route to Castle Rock. But after the 5.2 mile walk (about 8.4 km), 4 guys decided to go back to parking instead of going towards the Castle rock, a walk of about 1 Km.

So, four of us went there, tried to do some rock climbing and then came back to the parking lot. We were also tired, but luckily we there was one more short cut to the parking lot from the rock. Though, the hike was not that tough, it was good enough to go out and enjoy the weekend than staying at the hotel room.

Some differences I observed between the hikes in India and US are like a) Hike trails are well marked b) People are more eco-friendly and dont litter the area with plastic and other stuff. c) You would find maintained restrooms at the start of the trail. d) In many parks, you may have to pay some fee to the government (in our case, we did not have to)  e) Only specific areas where you can put your tents for camping.

Though, it's been time after that trek, but finally got some time to put up a blog. I got three more weekend here, but with planned activities, I don't think I will get more chance to do a hike here in this visit. Hope to start my hiking in Sahyadri in december and put more blogs and snaps.

Enjoy -- Milind


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Monday, April 03, 2006
Lack of motivation

Well, it's been some time since I put my last blog. It's not that I didnt visit any fort. Actually, after the Vasota fort - I have been to many treks/journeys like

1. Chinchwad-Sinhgad-base by Cycle, then Sinhgad climbing and back home by cycle
2. Rajmachi
3. Rajgad-Torna (From Gunjavane - Rajgad - top of Torna in just 7hrs!)
4. Jeevdhan
5. Night out on Sinhagad
6. Descending "Plus valley" in Tahmini ghat
7. Unsuccessful but learning experience of Enduro3

and may be couple more, which I might have missed. But somehow, since I have been doing the same treks, again and again, I dont have that zeal or enthu to blog about it.

May be - it's time to visit the newer places. So that should generate enough enthu in me to blog. But since now summer is back, and that too with very warm temparatures, I would be doing new treks in the next season i.e. after September 06.

Till then, if I visit some interesting places and feel the desire to blog, you may see few blogs.

Also, since Google has started its Google pages, I may start blogging about my treks there. Though, I will provide the link for that for sure, if I decide to do so.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Vasota and Nageshwar (compiled by Vijayendra)

Trek to Vasota has been a long pending one. We (I, milind and satish
included) had made one unsuccessful attempt in 2003 (10-12 Jan to be
precise). Then we had taken the Konkan route from Chiplun -> Choravne ->
Nageshwar cave and fatigue had dragged us back to base camp.

This time satish had made arrangements to trek vasota via a relatively
easier route thorugh the Koyna backwaters near Bamnoli. He also got hold of
Explorers trekking group who would manage the logistics for us since the
area is a protected sanctuary.

On 23rd Dec night 11pm the bus started from BMC and there were total of 44
people in all. From persistent it was me, Milind and Tushar. We had lots of
fun in the bus playing antakshari till late in the night. We were sitting on
the last row and boy it was a real bumpy ride. Now I now why they call it
bum(py) ;-) We reached the village early morning and when the bus halted I
could catch some sleep. And then at 7am we had Kanda-Pohe and Tea.

There were some problems getting the boat. The forest officials asked for
money of 3 boats and they crammed all 44 of us into just 1 boat. We started
our voyage at 9am and it took almost and hour and a half to reach base camp.
>From there we started a hike to the Maruti - Ganapati temple for about 10

The temple has way goes directly to New Vasota (3k steep climb
through the jungle) and another goes to Nageshwar through a dried up nala
(about 8km). We went to Nageshwar first and reached at about 1pm. The road
was all rocky and everyone's feet were hurting. We had a very nice lunch
(Poli, Bhaji) at the Nageshwar cave and slept there for an hour; much needed
rest for the rest of the trek.

We tanked up our water bottles and were ready to go to New Vasota. This
route is right at the edge of a steep cliff and 44 trekkers meant that
traffic jams were common at risky places. Tushar had worn - out shoes and he
had to remove them to have some grip.

The cliff section was over once we reached a pinnacle called "Mhataricha
angatha" (Old womans thumb). Then the jungle trek began and we quickly
rushed through towards New Vasota. Few people were tired and didn't come up,
and I went up only till we could see Babu kadaa. This is a dangerous cliff
and was used for capital punishment of the prisoners kept on Old Vasota. The
view of the Koyna backwaters from here is just too good.

It was getting dark and so we came down quickly in just 30 minutes and
reached the base camp. We also saw a bison on the way. Now it was post
sunset and navigation of the boats was very difficult. The chilly wind was
hurting but I was sitting near the boat's engine which was quite warm. At
about 8:30 we reached Bamnoli and had another round of Kanda poha and tea.
We started at around 10pm to come back to pune and reached at 2am after some
traffic jams in Katraj ghat.

Overall it was a well organized trek... thanks to Satish and Explorers team.


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Friday, December 23, 2005
Harishchandra !!!

Harishchandra - for the 5th time!

Myself, Vipul and Vivek visited Harishchandra on 17th-18th Dec weekend. Though, this was my fifth visit to this legendary fort, I didn't feel bored at all. Actually, even after visiting this place 100 times, I will be equally thrilled to visit it again.

This time we left home by car around 8am, had brealfast cum lunch at Alephata and started the climb at noon. It took us hardly 3.5hrs, which was definitely early considering others had not done a trek in recent past. Also, contrary to our expection, afternoon walk was very pleasant because of cool breeze.

After reaching there, visited Kokankada and dipped ourselves in the grand beauty of it for more than an hour. That night couldn't get good slip because of stupid revellers in the cave. They drunk a lot, then started making loud noises, prepared food in the cave itself and when they were done with the fire, they poured water over it - makeing it impossible to sleep in the cave filled completely with smoke. Only after the smoke receded after an hour, we could breath easily.

Anyway, next morning went to Taramati and after coming back had breadkfast and started our return journey by 11:30. We were back in Khireshwar by 2pm. Thanks to Vivek for getting his car, we were back in chinchwad by 5pm.

BTW, the road from Khubi phata to Khireshwar is under construction - so once it is completely done, it will be beneficial to the villagers and all trekkers.

FYI - tonight (23rd dec), I will going to Vasota via Bamnoli and will be back tomorrow night. So, hopefully will put a blog for it by next weekend.

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Monday, November 28, 2005
Trek to Visapur

I went to Visapur this weekend along with Vipul, Vivek and Shiva. Initially we were planning to go to Tung, but since it's too far from my place and as we decided to go for a trek around 11am, we cut it short and went to Visapur.

Twin forts, Lohgad and Visapur, are situated near Malawali station (second last station on Pune-Lonaval track). We went there by bikes via old Pune-Mumbai highway. The condition of most part of the road is sort of pathetic - as there are lots of potholes and since its widening work is in progress, its width is too less.

Anyway, we reached Malawali and started the trek around 1:30pm. There are two routes to go to top of Visapur. One is you start walking towards Lohgad and finally when you reach between the two forts, from where you need to take right turn towards Lohgad, take a left turn and walk for about 1km. At one place, you need to cross a waterfall (dead one if you are not visiting this place in monsoon). From that place, start climbing through the waterfall and you should reach the top in 20-30min. Other way is - start climbing towards Bhaja caves and just before you enter the main gate of the cave, you can see a small room on left side near the stpes. From there start climbing the hill in which Bhaja caves are present. On top of that hill, you should see couple of small houses. From there start walking towards the fort (on right hand side).

This time the route from those houses to the col (or waterfall) had lots of bushes (abt 4/5 ft high), and not many ppl had visited that place after monsoon, the route was completely hidden under those bushes. So, we had to crawl under them. It took sometime to reach the col and then to reach the top of fort.

There is plenty drinkable water on the fort (aah, well - its individual perspective. I will call it drinkable :p). We roamed around and came by from the other route.

In the village, we had already told one villager to prepare meal for us. After the trek (and I guess even if we had not done that trek), the food taste was tooo good. After the meal, we started return journey on bike and came back to home by 7:40pm. Though, the return journey was tougher because of heavy truck traffic on the highway. But we managed to get back home safely :-) .


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Monday, November 21, 2005
Finally started trekking!

Finally, I started trekking this season by visiting Rajgad the sixth time (damn! - I like this place very much). On 19th Nov, 5 of us (Aseem, myself, Puneet, Satish and Vijay) went to Rajgad by Vijay's car. We reached Gunjawane and started the trek by 10:25am.

Thanks to my recent cycling practice, I could climb upto Padmavati machi via Chor darwaja from Gunjawane in less than 50mins. Few more notable things would be - it was my Chaturthy fast, so had just two small bananas since morning and I didn't even consume a single drop of water during the climb! This definitely looks good for me and hope to do some tougher and bigger treks this season.

Few of planned treks this season are
  • Trek to Salher
  • Ratangad to Harishchandra (Well, I love H gad tooo much)

  • Cheers,

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